Today I went to a financial planner…

March 3, 2009

My plan is sorta like this. And by sorta I mean nothing.

My plan is sorta like this. And by sorta I mean nothing.


And it wasn’t Jay, a buddy of mine, giving me unsolicited advice of why I’m an economic wreck. I went to the bank to open up a new account and realized that they will work with me for free to maximize saving and do a whole bunch of cool shit I didn’t even know about! I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, but my just wasn’t in a situation where I could save any serious chedda.


Yes and she’s hot. I feel like it’d never work out for us because she knows how little I make and will realize I’m worth more dead than alive (thanks life insurance). I don’t need any of that black widow stuff going down. It’s 2009 and I’m feeling fine. Oh well, at least I’ll enjoy seeing her from time to time.


Stinky Surprise

February 26, 2009


Gets the stink out

Gets the stink out

I think one of the biggest differences in living in a house that has girls in it is obviously the bathroom situation. Toilet paper gets used faster (and apparently for everything), there are multiple bottles of things that I don’t understand in my shower, and the bathroom gets cleaned regularly. No thanks to me.




The other day I came home and took a greasy dump. It was real stinky so I sprayed the “lavender” “or “spring breeze” air freshener. I was on my way out the door when I ran into my roommate downstairs that remarked something smelled great. I obviously could smell the air freshener from upstairs but pretended I didn’t know what she was talking about. I really wanted to tell her about the stinky bomb I just took. It’s hard to be a gentleman.

A not so triumphant return

February 25, 2009

Having started this blog last summer–I let many things fall by the wayside. I had great ambitions of chronicling my many Virginia Beach adventures, only to find that not having a job and too much free time really stifled my creativity and ambition. I really do enjoy this and have renewed my interest to see it through.

What often slows me down is over editing and over thinking what I write. I’ve decided to try to do neither. I’d rather be happy with writing whatever I’m writing then to spend time editing and analyzing if what I wrote is clever or has a pointed message.

That being said, it’s been a long road and I moved back to Arlington, VA. I’ll be updating more very soon. Time to finish what I set out to do. Which was write about whatever I wanted. Okay? Great!

Some thoughts after a 12 hour day

September 17, 2008

In my old blog from way back a few lifetimes ago, I had an entry called, “Some thoughts after a 10 hour day.” To that point, I had never worked a day that long. But anyways, works alright. Definitely the hardest job I’ve ever had–very demanding. But definitely not the worst thing I’ve ever done. 

Tonight for dinner I had a peanut butter and toast and some chedda’ beans. What?

Chedda’ Beans


  1. Take baked beans.
  2. Add chedda’.
  3. Have your tummy enjoy.


They aren’t that bad. Try em’. A yeoman’s life for me…


Not my picture. I prefer to serve them in a sloppy bowl.

Not my picture. I prefer to serve them in a sloppy bowl.

Five Reasons I like Greek, though I probably shouldn’t. In fact it feels just a little weird and creepy.

August 27, 2008


ABC Family, 9 o'clock ET, Tuesdays. Ain't nothing else on.

ABC Family, 9 Pm ET, Tuesdays. Ain't nothing else on.



Against seemingly impossible odds. I am a fan of Greek. I may have started watching it out of boredom, coincidence (couldn’t find remote?), or a desire to be quirky and ironic. I really don’t know what wizardry brought this show into my life, but that doesn’t matter.

Here are five reasons I like it.

1. It’s kinda close to a realistic college scenario.

Okay, so the show isn’t a perfect match to the college experience but it’s at least a decent attempt. So many shows that try to replicate a college or high school experience are wack and seem to take place in a far off universe. Like the Saved By the Bell episode where the football team and the gang (Zack, Slater, etc.) get drunk off a case of beer (which is oddly enough in six pack form). I may have gotten kinda drunky off 3 or 4 beers in high school—but come on! There were like 15 people at the party in that episode. Jesus. Worst depiction of a high school party ever.

Back to Greek…there are enough sex, booze, drug references in the show. Basically in college, if most people I knew weren’t either partying or trying to get theirs, they were bored. Show at least the show gets that much right.

2. Douche bag characters are properly made to be the bad guys.

Rich boy Evan Chambers and his seer sucker suit wearing brethren of fratastic jerk offs are the bad guys. You root against them. And more than that, you knew them and their frat. Just like someone you went to college with.

3. Cappie is actually kinda funny, sometimes.

The protagonist of the show is likable and kinda funny. You want him to get laid.  You feel he is a good guy and deserves it. Hell, you may even want to lay him. Pictured below with his little frat brother.


Cappie is so damn charming.

Cappie is so damn charming.

4. It’s on Tuesdays.

Hands down worst day of the week. Nothing good on TV, thick of the work week, ugh. I feel sick just thinking about waking up on a Tuesday morning.


5. Chicks man, chicks.

Casey Cartwright is so hot. I would offer up a year of celibacy for a freshmen year style drunken-party-public make out with her. Hot damn.


Marry me.

Marry me.

Lunk Alarm

August 22, 2008


You've been warned...

You've been warned

I have written anything in a long while. Six weeks of not working=beach/pool/nap/party/video games. Really kills creativity and drive.


This week I started work and as a result I’ve been able to get into routines such as eating meals at normal hours, showering daily, and going to the gym. I’ve been a member of this gym called Planet Fitness for about a year now. They have a obnoxiously vibrant purple/yellow color scheme but are dirt cheap. Luckily when I moved to Virginia Beach there was one not too far away.

They have a lunk alarm. Read description and above.

At my old gym location, I always figured it was much like their color scheme, merely a goofy gimic to distinguish themselves from Gold’s Gym and Globo Gym. I dropped a weight today when I tweaked my shoulder gettin’ super huge. They sounded it. Awesome. I’m a meat head now.

The Last Stand of Unabashed Irresponsibility

July 15, 2008

Remember that job I talked about in the last post? Yeah, that’s done. Waiting tables isn’t fun and I just wasn’t down with trading all my free time for a more money and less fun. I start my real job in a month so it would’ve been a big hassle to learn how to do everything for a few weeks.

Oh yeah, and to quit…I just didn’t show up today. 

Teaching will also be hard, I need some R&R to prep for it.

Working Class Stiff

July 14, 2008

Today, I started my summer job. Waiting tables at a steak/seafood resturaunt. It’s always hard/weird to be the new guy on a job. It doesn’t allow me to spread my goofy wings, be gross, and increases my bumbling nature. I get to wear shorts. However, I need to go out tomorrow and buy some cool dude black shorts and additional black clothing. I will probably pay the far out the ass price for this purchase since I will need to purchase them from a surf shop to A) Be hip, B) Create a townie facade

I went out in Norfolk again this weekend. I surprisingly like it there. 

Donna confirmed for me that The Phantom of the Emo hated/hates me still. 

I’m watching some Pearl Jam concert documentary called, “Pearl Jam goes to Italy” or something. Eddie Vedder is such a crunchy hippie. I’m gonna get back to that.

My Checklist

July 8, 2008

Today I rode around on my bike looking for work. I didn’t try too hard however. I ended up on the beach for a few hours and then bought a new pair of sunglasses. It then looked like it was going to rain it’s balls off so I had to ride my bike home in a sandstorm. Good thing I had my new glasses to shield my eyes.

Annnnyyyyyway, here is my check list of things I want to accomplish in the next six weeks. Listed in order from least to most ambitious.


  • Get a summer job. I probably have something cooking on the horizon, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself. I could honestly go either way on this.
  • Learn to surf really gnarly like.  Mainly influenced by Point Break.
  • Get trim and lose my beer belly. Being a cheapass and eating pasta, tuna, and PB should help this goal along just fine.
  • Find a Russian wife. There are a ton of Russian and eastern European exchange students here on some summer swap program. Other than riding bikes recklessly, taking up all the good summer low paying jobs I’m after, and dressing like it’s 1986–they seem fairly harmless. Someone is bound to want a visa.

You better not be “better than this” I’m trying to downgrade to this.

July 6, 2008

My move is complete. Complete as in I’m here, and my full/half empty boxes are scattered between various rooms and my trunk. I also really haven’t slept in my bed except for night one, so I feel very disoriented and homeless. Last night I went to Ghent which is the cool part of Norfolk. I had a blast, mostly because I was in vacation mode. Which is odd because I live here now. Locals rule. Go home tourists, get outta my beach, I heart jet noise, gnarly, etc.

The goal for this week is to try to get a part time job. I don’t want one but I will be bored and broke in no time. And maybe buy a surfboard–take that credit card!