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Uni-Browed Arch Nemesis

June 30, 2008
 I often see the same people to and from work on the metro…not every morning, but enough I recognize faces. There is one guy who I see a lot, we both enter and exit the same metro stations. The weird thing about this guy is that he has a well groomed uni-brow. Waxed even. It’s thin, crisp, solid, and creepy. He also has a haircut circa Green Day’s Dookie…long mushroom style hair parted down the middle. You know the type. 

I just would like to talk to him and ask what he thinks he’s doing. I also wonder where he works. Does his HR allow people to look so off? I mean he can’t possibly be dealing with people face to face. His look is distracting. I have thick eyebrows so I understand that sometimes regulation is in order of eye hair. But he is styling his eyebrows to a uni-brow seemingly on purpose. He looks like Maggie Simpson’s one eyebrowed baby from the Simpsons.


In a way I will miss him.



Moving Day

June 29, 2008

Today, when I was on my way back from Virginia Beach from my bed moving adventure I re-met Dolce’s mom. We chitter-chattered for a bit and then she asked me what was on my shirt. Lucky for me, I had on my awesome, “The trick to getting a great treat is getting it in the sack,” t-shirt. She probably thinks I’m a sketchy perv. I thought she was a very nice lady though!

I also saw the Hold Steady friday in Baltimore. Also last night, I ate five pieces of pizza in about 5 minutes. I love Chicho’s spicy pie. One time it made me sick, and vommed in the bathroom on the strip. That was years ago and I have since reconciled with spicy food and Chicho’s.