Working Class Stiff

Today, I started my summer job. Waiting tables at a steak/seafood resturaunt. It’s always hard/weird to be the new guy on a job. It doesn’t allow me to spread my goofy wings, be gross, and increases my bumbling nature. I get to wear shorts. However, I need to go out tomorrow and buy some cool dude black shorts and additional black clothing. I will probably pay the far out the ass price for this purchase since I will need to purchase them from a surf shop to A) Be hip, B) Create a townie facade

I went out in Norfolk again this weekend. I surprisingly like it there. 

Donna confirmed for me that The Phantom of the Emo hated/hates me still. 

I’m watching some Pearl Jam concert documentary called, “Pearl Jam goes to Italy” or something. Eddie Vedder is such a crunchy hippie. I’m gonna get back to that.


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One Response to “Working Class Stiff”

  1. Ronald Tambourline Says:

    I am hearing you on the townie facade thing. Black shorts are definitely the best choice you can make, probabaly with some hip sneakers too you know? Don’t fret about the goofy wings. Those guys will love you once you get settled in and let them know that you are a hip dude.

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