Lunk Alarm


You've been warned...

You've been warned

I have written anything in a long while. Six weeks of not working=beach/pool/nap/party/video games. Really kills creativity and drive.


This week I started work and as a result I’ve been able to get into routines such as eating meals at normal hours, showering daily, and going to the gym. I’ve been a member of this gym called Planet Fitness for about a year now. They have a obnoxiously vibrant purple/yellow color scheme but are dirt cheap. Luckily when I moved to Virginia Beach there was one not too far away.

They have a lunk alarm. Read description and above.

At my old gym location, I always figured it was much like their color scheme, merely a goofy gimic to distinguish themselves from Gold’s Gym and Globo Gym. I dropped a weight today when I tweaked my shoulder gettin’ super huge. They sounded it. Awesome. I’m a meat head now.


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8 Responses to “Lunk Alarm”

  1. Mark McGuire Says:

    Man dont EVER drop weights buddy!!

    but good for you that you’re lifting, man

    you’ll be buff in no time

  2. jeff-o Says:

    lol dude i used to have a membership at that same gym before i moved out of virginia!! hope its still good… no planet fitnesses around here in schenectady… 😦

    good blog man im gonna subscribe… peace

  3. Erin1982 Says:

    good fitness doesn’t make you a meatyhead. stick with it and you’ll have more drive to do all the important things you need to do do in life!


  4. scooby Says:

    chicks love meat heads!

  5. Lance Behrman Says:

    It’s true, don’t ever drop weights, you could get hurt and stuff. I commend you for working out so much, you’re going to be really hott in no time, and then you’ll be so strong you won’t have to worry about dropping the weights, cause you’ll be able to pick them up and hold them high!!

    Don’t worry though, we all drop them once in awhile. It’s the price we have to pay to get in the condition we need to be to get the snooch we need bra!

    Seriously though, i’ve been seeing you coming and going from the gym and you’re really starting to get huge, you’re doing great work man, and I love your blog, it’s very instrospective.


  6. socrates Says:

    nothing wrong with a lunkhead bruddah. lifting gets me the babes

  7. stranded brandon Says:

    cool blog, dude

    sounds like you really know your “weigh” around the gym

    maybe you could post your weekly routine or something. i just got a gym membership myself

  8. Pedro Says:

    So glad you’re updating again – keep up the good work!

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