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Stinky Surprise

February 26, 2009


Gets the stink out

Gets the stink out

I think one of the biggest differences in living in a house that has girls in it is obviously the bathroom situation. Toilet paper gets used faster (and apparently for everything), there are multiple bottles of things that I don’t understand in my shower, and the bathroom gets cleaned regularly. No thanks to me.




The other day I came home and took a greasy dump. It was real stinky so I sprayed the “lavender” “or “spring breeze” air freshener. I was on my way out the door when I ran into my roommate downstairs that remarked something smelled great. I obviously could smell the air freshener from upstairs but pretended I didn’t know what she was talking about. I really wanted to tell her about the stinky bomb I just took. It’s hard to be a gentleman.