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Five Reasons I like Greek, though I probably shouldn’t. In fact it feels just a little weird and creepy.

August 27, 2008


ABC Family, 9 o'clock ET, Tuesdays. Ain't nothing else on.

ABC Family, 9 Pm ET, Tuesdays. Ain't nothing else on.



Against seemingly impossible odds. I am a fan of Greek. I may have started watching it out of boredom, coincidence (couldn’t find remote?), or a desire to be quirky and ironic. I really don’t know what wizardry brought this show into my life, but that doesn’t matter.

Here are five reasons I like it.

1. It’s kinda close to a realistic college scenario.

Okay, so the show isn’t a perfect match to the college experience but it’s at least a decent attempt. So many shows that try to replicate a college or high school experience are wack and seem to take place in a far off universe. Like the Saved By the Bell episode where the football team and the gang (Zack, Slater, etc.) get drunk off a case of beer (which is oddly enough in six pack form). I may have gotten kinda drunky off 3 or 4 beers in high school—but come on! There were like 15 people at the party in that episode. Jesus. Worst depiction of a high school party ever.

Back to Greek…there are enough sex, booze, drug references in the show. Basically in college, if most people I knew weren’t either partying or trying to get theirs, they were bored. Show at least the show gets that much right.

2. Douche bag characters are properly made to be the bad guys.

Rich boy Evan Chambers and his seer sucker suit wearing brethren of fratastic jerk offs are the bad guys. You root against them. And more than that, you knew them and their frat. Just like someone you went to college with.

3. Cappie is actually kinda funny, sometimes.

The protagonist of the show is likable and kinda funny. You want him to get laid.  You feel he is a good guy and deserves it. Hell, you may even want to lay him. Pictured below with his little frat brother.


Cappie is so damn charming.

Cappie is so damn charming.

4. It’s on Tuesdays.

Hands down worst day of the week. Nothing good on TV, thick of the work week, ugh. I feel sick just thinking about waking up on a Tuesday morning.


5. Chicks man, chicks.

Casey Cartwright is so hot. I would offer up a year of celibacy for a freshmen year style drunken-party-public make out with her. Hot damn.


Marry me.

Marry me.