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Working Class Stiff

July 14, 2008

Today, I started my summer job. Waiting tables at a steak/seafood resturaunt. It’s always hard/weird to be the new guy on a job. It doesn’t allow me to spread my goofy wings, be gross, and increases my bumbling nature. I get to wear shorts. However, I need to go out tomorrow and buy some cool dude black shorts and additional black clothing. I will probably pay the far out the ass price for this purchase since I will need to purchase them from a surf shop to A) Be hip, B) Create a townie facade

I went out in Norfolk again this weekend. I surprisingly like it there. 

Donna confirmed for me that The Phantom of the Emo hated/hates me still. 

I’m watching some Pearl Jam concert documentary called, “Pearl Jam goes to Italy” or something. Eddie Vedder is such a crunchy hippie. I’m gonna get back to that.